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An Easy Guide to Choosing a Funeral Singer

Nothing can be more cathartic than the sound of a song sensitively performed by a classically trained funeral singer. It can offer comfort to mourners, enable a time for reflection and can be a beautiful tribute to the departed. But when the time comes, how do you go about choosing the right funeral singer?


Where do I go to find a Classical Funeral Singer and how do I book?

Perhaps the quickest way to find a funeral singer is through an entertainment agency. They will offer you choices on location, price, availability and genre. However, please be aware that you may be paying a premium for the service.

There are also other ways you can identify singers who specialise in funerals and these can be through :-

  • Funeral Directors & Clergy

  • Social media such as Facebook / Instagram

  • Internet Search

  • Vocal / Singing Teacher & Choirs

  • Or just asking around

Once you have a potential list of singers a great way to shortlist them is to ask for testimonials, look at their repertoire and more importantly listen to any recording they have may. Almost all singers will have some recording of themselves singing. The quality of their voice will shine through no matter how basic the recording may be.

Once you have a shortlist then contact them directly to confirm prices and available.


What If A Friend Of The Family Would Like To Sing At The Funeral?

It is wonderful when either a family member or close friend asks to sing at a funeral and certainly adds a truly personal touch. However, unless you are quite familiar with their abilities and that they have sung at a funeral before it can be a fraught with risks. Grief affects us all in different ways and it is very easy for an inexperience singer to break down and be unable to perform. It is almost always best to use a singer who has experience and is used to performing at such services.

A professional or semi-professional singer will be familiar with how the service will work and can usually provide you with a list of suitable music for you to chose from. Almost all singers will also be happy to learn songs that are not within their repertoire, however please be aware that an additional fee may be asked.

How much will a Funeral Singer Cost?

The cost of a singer will depend upon their experience, the location of the service, travel costs and the number of songs selected.

However, a local solo semi professional singer will costs anywhere between £50 - £100. Please be aware that if the singer brings an accompanist then an additional charge will be made for their fees.

Most of all it is important to communicate with the funeral director and funeral singer about your expectation. But most of all be realistic about what you can achieve in a relatively short period. Ask questions, but listen to advice from professionals and try your best to keep a clear head in what is a very emotional time.

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