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Singing and music has always been an integral part of my life.  My mum always said that I could sing before I could talk.  Even if no-one was listening I would still sing.  For me it’s like breathing, I just have to do it, it’s what makes me smile and feel alive.  All in all it’s just what makes me, me!

So, why a blog page!  Well,  the answer is simple  … it’s because I’ve had numerous  requests from event organisers and individuals wanting to know more about choosing the right singer or musician for special occasions; what kind of music would suit different events and venues and if I have any helpful hints that may make their event run smoothly.  So here goes! 

I hope you all find this blog useful - Joanie

Flowers with Wedding Rings

Wedding Music - 6 Simple Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Music

The build up to you saying those immortal words “I do” is enormous.   For many couples, the moment when they see the venue full of friends and family and the music begins, that’s the moment when their wedding really starts. It’s what everything has been building towards and so it’s only natural that they want it to be nothing short of perfection.   

Here are “6 simple steps” in helping you get the wedding music just right and helping create your perfect ceremony!

Flowers with Wedding Rings

Wedding Music - How to Make a Grand Entrance

As a wedding ceremony singer I thought I would put a few simple steps together to ensure you choose the perfect music for your special day and help you decide what kind of music would suit the venue, your tastes and the type of ceremony you are planning.

Click the link below to see my simple guide to choosing the right entrance or processional music with some music options.

chorister singing from a hymn book

Wedding Music - Should I choose hymns?

Singing hymns at your wedding is a traditional part of a Church / Religious Wedding Service and although a church wedding ceremony itself is fairly short there is quite a lot of talking with bible readings, prayers, the all important exchange of vows.

Hymns can be a great way to lighten the service, get your guests standing up and feeling part of the ceremony.

Click the link below to read my blog for more tips and hints on choosing the right hymns for your wedding

Signing the register

Wedding Music - Signing of the Register

This is a time that can get forgotten within the whole ceremony and yet it can be the part that really adds the wow factor to the day; especially if you have a live performance by a musician or singer.

Click the button below to find out more.

Married Couple recessional

Wedding Music - Recessional or Exit Music

The music you walk out to is known as Recessional Music and should be something joyous, uplifting, celebratory and most of all triumphant. This can be absolutely anything you like but should reflect the excitement you feel inside and is a good way to link the end of the official ceremony with the beginning of your reception / wedding breakfast.

To find out more about choosing the perfect recessional music for you click on the button below.

Funeral - women in black with flowers

How to Choose a Singer for a Funeral

Nothing can be more cathartic than the sound of a song sensitively performed by a classical trained funeral singer. It can offer comfort to mourners, enable a time for reflection and can be a beautiful tribute to a departed loved one. But when the time comes, how do you go about choosing the right funeral singer?

To find out more about choosing the choosing the right funeral singer for you click on the button below.

Funeral Music

Choosing the Right Music for a Funeral

It is never easy to choose music for an event and these decisions are even more meaningful when it is for a funeral. Whether you’re choosing music for your own service or have the difficult decision of choosing songs for a loved one’s funeral, it isn’t easy.

Click the link below to read my "4 Simple Steps to choosing the right music for a funeral"

Funeral Music

The Most Popular Songs & Music to Play at Funerals

Picking songs for events and special occasions is never simple, but perhaps no music choice is more difficult than choosing music suitable for the funeral of a loved one.

Click the link below to read my blog on how to choose the right music for your loved one with lots of ideas of suitable song/music choices.

Funeral Music

The Most Popular Hymns

to Select for a Funerals

Hymns still remain a hugely popular music choice for a funeral. With many people finding grat comform in including religious songs in their loved one's service.

Click the link below to read my blog on how to choose the perfect hymns for the service.